Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pioneer Woman | French Puffs

If you think I am cooking my way through Pioneer Woman recipes, I am. Not intentionally though and believe me the scale is not liking it either! These puffs are in her breakfast section but I made them for dessert the other night. They are decadent and definitely not to be eaten on a regular basis. I am thankful that they freeze well!

Be sure to use some kind of cooking spray for the muffin pan. I tried using the butter wrapper, which works well for cake pans, but not small areas. You need these babies to come out clean.

While the puffs are baking get the sugar mixture ready and the butter out and ready to melt.

My constant companion in the kitchen - the other two get bored and don't stick around. They miss out on the secret treats! ;)

Dip and submerge in the butter and roll around in the sugar mixture...

And then gain about 50 pounds...these are hard to describe - Kirk thought they were a cross between strudel and cake. Enjoy!


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