Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pioneer Woman's | Prune Cake

I like prunes. I remember as a little girl my grandparents had a prune tree in the backyard - my grandmother always warned me 'don't eat too many of those prunes!' [Of course I never listened and I will spare you details.] This is memory that came to mind when I came across Pioneer Woman's recipe for Prune Cake. Not the details part, just remembering my grandparents and the house... Isn't it wonderful how a recipe can bring back a memory from childhood?

As her blog title suggests...Make this CAKE today.

Here are the dried prunes after they have been boiled...

And then you have to mash them up - I know not very pleasing to look at right now, it gets better.

This is the batter without the prunes...

This is the batter with...

While the cake is baking I readied the ingredients for the icing - you want to start cooking it 5 minutes before the cake is done. NOTE: Do not start off with a small saucepan like the one pictured below. USE a pot! There is baking soda in this icing so when it starts to go - it will over flow a small pot and you will be cleaning hardened corn syrup off your stove top for the REST of your life!

Finished prune cake! Now I would love to know if there is a secret to getting your cake to bake flat? Mine always rise in the middle so all the icing went to the sides. Not a big deal - it was still delicious! Kirk loved it until I told him it had prunes in it.


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