Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cemeteries | Unlikely inspiration

A couple of days after Memorial Day I ventured down to one of the oldest cemeteries in Clark County - called the Fisher Cemetery. It happens to be very close to where I live and always remembered it growing up in the area.

Cemeteries are not one of my favorite or top places to visit - in fact I have issues/problems with death. So to find myself going down there by myself was incredibly out of character. What motivated me? Believe it or not something as simple as a prompt on a photography site. I receive their weekly emails and love their weekend assignment prompts. But I was truly moved by some of the photos that were being posted.

While I wished I would have gone earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon for better light - I think I would have been to freaked out if the light was too moody.

What I realized was that there was some amazing texture in the cemetery...

The design elements on some of the older tombstones were worn but still detailed...

Julina passed away 93 years before I was born. Then I found this grave site of twins that died on the same day...While I was taking all of these photos (over 100) my thoughts were I was going to post process them into B&W and give them an ethereal look. When I sat down to edit, I was surprised that I kept most of them in color. I really loved the different colors of gray, dark greens of the moss and yellows of the lichen.

This was the oldest grave in the cemetery...I believe Alva was only four months old.

This was totally unexpected find - humor in the cemetery. I have no idea what the story is behind this...

My photo prompt for you this week is go to the cemetery - if anything I can guarantee it will be a peaceful place and if you need some quiet time this is the place to go.

[most all of the photos were taken with my 85mm lens, 1/500, f5.0, ISO 100 except for the last photo - that was taken with my iPhone using Best Camera app]


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