Thursday, July 22, 2010

summer of change

[photo from Cuba Gallery

Summer for me has always meant change. As I look back through the years pivotal changes have been made in the summer months. A week ago I was finishing out my first year in the 40s and it couldn't have been a better year! Once again I find myself in the month of July making more changes. Committing to growing my photography business and I have accepted a 'grown up' job at a very 'grown up' company. Change is good.

Working for a grown up company also means that I won't be sharing too much about the company on my personal blog. It's really important for me to keep things separate and I know many of you, my long time readers will understand. New rules to play by and I am okay with that.

So much is going on and will have so much to share in the coming item on the to do list: getting ready to re-do the office - I know it seems like I just did it. But I am ready for a change. :)


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