Monday, September 20, 2010

Go Vols! | Quilt finished

Finally finished and I even tackled the quilting own my own! That was after watching video after video on - I was going to send it off to Christine but I realized, in my beginners haste that I didn't leave enough (4" minimum) on all four sides for her to put on the long arm. Next time!

There are plenty of tutorials all over the internet to learn free motion quilting. But here are a few tools that are a must:
  • Machingers - I definitely couldn't have done it with out these. I am so glad that the gal at the sewing shop recommended them to me.
  • Sew-Slip - this made my sewing surface so much easier to manuver all the fabric around.
The free motion quilting was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be and you definitely do not want to do it all in one sitting. It's something that takes practice and getting to know your machine is very important.

I sent this as an early Christmas present to my MIL - wanted her to have it for the football season!

And here is Jesse in his best college football pose...

[quilt pattern by Oh! Frannson and inspired by Sunshine Girl]


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