Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hump day | Things I am loving...

Happy hump day and for me two more days and I will be in a weekend of sun! :)
What I am lovin' right now, things I am trying out, things that are inspiring me...

Read about Egyptian Magic Cream in InStyle magazine as one of Kate Hudson's must haves - well of course if Kate Hudson uses it, it has to be good for me right??! Well it is magic - but I am somewhat allergic to bee pollen, one of the jellie's main ingredients. I used it when I traveled to Vegas for work and my skin was so hydrated - eyes were a little itchy though. Would I recommend? Sure, especially if you travel and you can't beat the $30 price - 4 oz will last you a long time.

This was also on Ms. Hudson's list, Epicuren After Bath Kukui Nut Coconut Moisturizer . This - I am head over heels about! But you must like the scent - tropical coconut. The best part is that I stay moisturized during the day! Just barely towel off out of the shower and rub it in...can you tell I have been battling dry skin this winter?

Interiors that are inspiring me right now

1. Entry: Stripe front door, 2. Lonny, 3. Rue Magazine, 4. Paisley, 5. Painted kitchen floors: Pratt & Lambert gray + white cabinets + green interiors, 6. Pale green bedroom: Hamptons home by Jeffrey Bilhuber, from Elle Decor: 'Hancock Green' by Benjamin Moore

And can you believe this stinker is five?!

Monday, January 17, 2011

What up Buttercup?!

For those of you that follow me on Facebook and Twitter [honestly thankful for those social media outlets] know that I am still alive. This blog is on my list of things to 'cleanse' - this may be my word for 2011 too. Everytime I sat down to post I wanted to clean up a few things, which ended up being hours of frustration and wasted time. For example that HUGE space on my right hand side bar... Typepad can't even get rid of it, it's something that I programmed in my CSS. CSS wha??? exactly. Then after all of that I didn't even post.

Which leads me to hiring this team and eventually moving the blog. Right now I am deciding how much of the content of the blog is going to transfer over and how much is going to get cleansed out. It's not an easy transfer so it will be a great deal of cutting and pasting. Unless I find an easier way to do it of course! Any ideas?

I am definitely not going to keep you waiting - because I do have so much I want to share... Like my office remodel!

Part of my cleansing has been to change the colors in the house - it has been happening ever so slowly. Since we have lots of photographs and art I wanted a calming color on the walls. This goes for my office too - I started to feel that my office was just too much! The walls were coral, all the paper stacks were colored, the art is colored, everything had some kind of color and my eyes needed to rest. Calm. Grown up. Big Girl color. Whatever you want to call it...

I call it Collingwood [OC-28] by Benjamin Moore. Here are some initial photos of my space - my organizing system is still in place, there is less of it. I just purged and re-arranged furniture. Since I don't have the luxury of having a totally seperate computer work area I tried to make it seem like I did. I also wanted to be back by the window.

The main creative area is still the same - I was hoping to get rid of at least one Bonde [discontinued IKEA] shelf but couldn't part with such a good unit. So I set out to empty/purge one unit! I also was able to situate my worktable against the shelving unit. Only blocking a few shelves that I don't need to get to on a daily basis.

The other goal on the list was to move my Genesis trimmer off my workspace so I had more area [you need this when cutting fabric ;)] Setting up the other side of the room allowed me to do this and place the trimmer on the Alex [IKEA] drawer units.

This is my sewing area...

I am slowly adding in the details - there will be a pendant light above the sewing desk and a quilt design wall on the blank wall above the Alex drawers. Magnetic boards will be hung back up and can't wait to get this from the framers to hang above my computer desk!

Thanks for sticking with me and hope to be a better blogger in 2011!