Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Commit 2 Fit - Eight Week Challenge

I was happy to see that there are many of you that want to join the challenge Commit 2 Fit! This is an eight week program that guides you through EIGHT new healthy habits. I have received some emails as to why I am doing this challenge, here is why:
  • Gain energy
  • Lose body fat
  • Form new habits or improve the good ones
  • Improve health
These are my top four goals for a healthy life and I hope at least one of them resonates with you too. The Commit 2 Fit eight week program was developed by a dietitian and we are going to implement it in this group over the internet. We will have the guidance of Brandon Evanson, who is a personal trainer at the clinic where I train.
How it ALL is going to work
  1. We will 'meet' every week for eight weeks on Wednesdays, here on the blog. If you do not want to share your information on the blog you are more than welcome to email me privately at Also if you do not want your standings published on the blog please let me know I will keep them between you and I.
  2. The kick off will be on Wednesday, May 27th - this will give you time to prepare and it will be after the US holiday of Memorial Day.
  3. Each week you are going to be assigned a LIFE HABIT, it will be revealed on Wednesday. It will be your assignment to incorporate this one new habit for the following week. A new LIFE HABIT will be assigned the next week, while carrying over the previous week's habit... and so on, until all eight habits are in place!
  4. POINTS! There are rewards! Each participant will receive a 'point' for each habit they complete for each day. At the end of the eight weeks, everyone who has accumulated 80% of the total possible points will receive a secret gift! (and you know my gifts are pretty cool!)
    1. Each week you will report your points earned - again if you do not want to share your progress please email privately at
    2. We are on the honor system here! Remember the saying " are only cheating yourself."
  5. Now I know that some of you have a competitive streak (myself included)  so I would like you to decide if we should have First, Second and Third prizes for the most points? I am willing to do this but also want this to be a group decision.
  6. To register for the challenge please fill out survey/profile. You will need to do this by Monday, May 26th. Most of the information is optional but this is a guide that will help Brandon answer any questions you might have.  Click Here to take survey

I know that some of you want to know what each of the eight LIFE HABITS will be and I know some of you work better on surprise. If you must know, email me privately at and I will send them to you.

Advocare product bundles
These bundles are totally optional, you do NOT have to buy the product to participate. I wanted to give those of you that have been wanting to try the Advocare products a try during the challenge. Brandon and I have broken them into three different bundles. One being an entry level and three being 'jumping in with both feet'. The quantities have been already inserted for the eight week period but you can adjust. Anyone that orders the bundles will receive a FUN gift from me! Click here to go to my store, you will see links to the three bundles on the home page.

The only thing that we are not including in these bundles is the Herbal Cleanse. You need 10 days to complete this before the challenge and there is just not enough time. (But this is a great product that is recommended every 90 days - I am in the process right now.)

Housekeeping items with Advocare:
  • If you plan on ordering product you will want to place your orders in the next three days to insure that you receive it by the starting date.
  • If you are going to purchase bundle three please contact me first at
  • If you are located internationally and want to purchase product please contact me directly at
Is there an eating or exercise plan?
Each LIFE HABIT will incorporate eating guidelines. However, from start to finish, use the "common sense" eating plan. Exercise is encouraged but it is your option!

I am just like you and don't pose to be a health expert. I want to share my experiences with you and it's always more fun in a group right?! If you are under a doctor's care for any medically related issue, please consult with your doctor before changing diet, exercise, or supplement program. Please adhere to their directions and any product labels.

Tools to help you
Here are some PDFs to help you track your progress
Since we are not meeting face to face you can still earn 5 points every time you check in Download Commit2FitPointTracker
This is an optional measurement tracker Download Measurements
For week two Download Commit2FitFoodLog

Questions for Brandon
If you have any questions for Brandon you can post them here on the blog and he will be checking in to answer. He can also answer any questions in regards to Advocare products! If it is a personal question you can email him privately at:

I am excited to be taking this challenge with you and look forward to our EIGHT weeks together!! As always if you have any questions you can post the question here or email me at

Happy Wednesday!


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