Sunday, February 6, 2011

Commit 2 Fit | Life Habit One

We have a great group of gals for this Commit 2 Fit Challenge! Remember this is an eight week challenge with a friendly competition to keep up interest. This program will guide you through EIGHT new healthy habits. I was looking back on posts from the last challenge we did and the reasons why I am doing this haven't changed:
  • Gain energy
  • Lose body fat
  • Form new habits or improve the good ones
  • Improve health
Your goals may be different but one that we have in common should be to form new healthy habits!
How it ALL is going to work
  1. We will 'meet' every week for eight weeks on Mondays, here on the blog. If you do not want to share your information on the blog you are more than welcome to email me privately at Also if you do not want your standings published on the blog please let me know I will keep them between you and I.
  2. The kick off will be on Monday, February 7th
  3. Each week you are going to be assigned a LIFE HABIT, it will be revealed on Saturdays. It will be your assignment to incorporate this one new habit for the following week. A new LIFE HABIT will be assigned the next week, while carrying over the previous week's habit... and so on, until all eight habits are in place!
  4. POINTS! There are rewards! Each participant will receive a 'point' for each habit they complete for each day. At the end of the eight weeks, everyone who has accumulated 80% of the total possible points will receive a secret gift!
    1. Each week you will report your points earned - again if you do not want to share your progress please email privately at
    2. We are on the honor system here! Remember the saying " are only cheating yourself."
  5. Now I know that some of you have a competitive streak (myself included)  so I would like you to decide if we should have First, Second and Third prizes for the most points? I am willing to do this but also want this to be a group decision.

I will be referencing the products [Advocare] I use and the food I eat - you do NOT have to use the same products to participate. In fact, if you feel comfortable please feel free to share in your comments what you are doing. What are your best practices?
Is there an eating or exercise plan?
Each LIFE HABIT will incorporate eating guidelines. However, from start to finish, use the "common sense" eating plan.
  • Eat eight to ten servings each day of vegetables and fruits
  • Avoid processed starches suh as white bread and white rice
  • Reduce your dietary fat intake
  • Avoid all fried foods
  • Avoid sugar - have a piece of fruit instead
Exercise is encouraged but it is your option! I will be sharing my exercise experiences with you as I train for my 5k in March.
I am just like you and don't pose to be a health expert. I want to share my experiences with you and it's always more fun in a group right?! If you are under a doctor's care for any medically related issue, please consult with your doctor before changing diet, exercise, or supplement program. Please adhere to their directions and any product labels.

Tools to help you
Here are some PDFs to help you track your progress:
Track your points each week: Download Commit2FitPointTracker
This is an optional measurement tracker Download Measurements
For week two Download Commit2FitFoodLog
Looking forward to this second round with you!!!


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