Monday, February 28, 2011

Vintage Sheet Quilt | Sparkling Cider

Finally finished binding the vintage sheet quilt last night! See previous post here.

I machine quilted a wave pattern using the wave stitch on my machine and longated stitch. I learned about this easy quilting here.
Here are some previous photos of the process - this pattern looks intimidating but once you get going it does come together pretty easily.

Quilt top done and ready to be sandwiched

My favorite part of the vintage sheets are the bright funky colors! Really looking forward to having it in the house on the rainy cloudy days...


  1. very nice,I love the vintage sheets,Amy

  2. Love this quilt! I saw the post where you were sewing the blocks, and hoped you'd post a picture of the finished quilt. thanks!

  3. Thank you! I finally posted some finished photos up to Flickr.

  4. this is LOVELY!!! i actually started shopping for vintage sheets the day i saw this on 'in color order'. wonderfully beautiful! now i'm even more excited to get it started!

  5. Thank you Michael! the best part is collecting the sheets ;)@Michael - Innkeeper


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