Friday, April 15, 2011

Commit 2 Fit | Challenge TOP three!!!

[Screen printed card from Rifle Paper Co.]

Finally it's time to announce the Commit 2 Fit Challenge top three.... it was close between the top three but the rest of us were far behind 3rd place. But we did pick up some good habits right??? No more soda and lots more water?? Eating at a decent hour??

Okay back to our top three challengers - it was a family affair. I even had to check twice just to make sure my math was correct. Congrats to the Heggin's Family! Kim, Dwight and Ash in that order. Way to show us how a family can work together on making good healthy choices. Your goodie box will be going on in a couple of weeks!


  1. Hi Paula! Love the new look of your blog. It feels really clean and fresh. This is my first time here so I'm excited to read more about your Commit 2 Fit Challenge... sounds really inspiring!

    Jeanne (from BYW Yahoo)

  2. Paula...thanks for hosting Commit to Fit, we had really learned alot and helped each other remember what to eat and when. We are still working to keep up these habits even though the challenge is over. Ahsleihg was the biggest loser in our house and lost 20 pounds! She looks great and says she even feels better! Thanks again.

  3. not sure where the mermaid fan came from and then I can't even spell my daughter's name correct! Ashleigh is the correct spelling...LOL

  4. Hi Jeanne - Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi Kim - where did 'mermaid fan' come from?? that is weird! Ashleigh did a great job - I think she could have won if she hadn't gone to BBQ with us. LOL! Can't wait to finish putting together your winning box. Just waiting for a few things.


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