Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goals Revisited

Going back and looking at my goals for 2009 (in light green) and refining for 2010...

Get Organized - which really means that we have to purge all corners of this house. Why two people can't live comfortably in 1700 sq ft is beyond me. But it is hard when both of us work from home and we use every room in the house. I did some major purging in 2008 so I am pretty happy with what I accomplished! But there is always more to do - this is always going to be on the list, constantly purging!

Simplify - I haven't really determined the details of this yet, but I think with purging above and having the right 'tools' around it will simplify my life. I think this was the overall theme for 2008. Invest in good technology that would simplify my life and not complicate it. That would have been the iPhone. I don't travel with my laptop on vacations - I just take my iPhone. Santa brought me a new camera which will definitely make photography a lot easier. Having a camera that shoots full frame and high ISO is going to simplify the process. Now what I would like to do for 2010 is figure out the details of SIMPLIFY...for example we no longer have a house cleaner since I am home most of the time - but is this really simplifying our life? or adding to it?

Organize the Closet - Yes, this should go under the 'get organized' goal, but you haven't seen our closets. Both hubby and I LOVE clothes, shoes, jackets, etc. This warrants to be singled out as a goal. I was lucky enough to have a stylist come in last year, so my closet isn't so bad. Oh and we can't forget about the downstairs closet - you know the one that is under the stairs, the endless pit... Kirk's closet is completed and we just need to do one more part. My closet is now organized so I only have the current season displayed. Downstairs closet - you can now walk through to the back! Kirk is definitely still working on this but made a huge purge before his parents visit over Christmas. I really want to tackle my craft/catch all closet in 2010

Go (half) Organic - I need to take baby steps here. But I am going to start buying more organic food products this year. Dairy and meat to start with. We are totally organic on all the dairy and the meat that we buy. Still not totally there with the vegetables and such. Still organic with dairy and meat...

Recycle more - trying to get on the GO GREEN bandwagon. I am sure any thing that you can do helps. We already do our basic recycling of newspaper, glass, cans, office paper and cardboard. Sent all the accumulating not using anymore electronics around this house to various non profit organizations that recycle them. We have a new system in Vancouver now and it makes it even easier to recycle. But I really want to be conscious in 2010 about all the plastic we throw out

Learn something NEW - I am going to recycle my old goal from A Year to Remember class and learn Spanish. I also want to take a class in letterpress. Didn't do either of these. Spanish is still on my list but letterpress class is not. I want to add a new one: Kite surfing. LOL! I really did laugh out loud at this one. Spanish is still on the list, but no kite surfing as of yet. So Spanish remains for 2010

Get Fit - does this ever come off the list? This year it means yoga 4 to 5 times a week, running, walking and eating better. I am going to have a nutritionist come in and analyze everything. She is going to do a body assessment, kitchen inventory, etc. Hubby is not to stoked about this one... I would say I maintained - I now have a personal trainer two days a week and I am in the process of finding a used exercise bike so I can at least get some exercise in this inclement weather! Loved 2009 for getting fit! 2010 is hopefully going to be better - my BIL are planning on running in the Portland Marathon so I need to start my training next week! Also who is ready for a Commit 2 Fit Challenge?? My weight has gone up over the last two months so I need to get back on track - all this holiday food, I just went crazy!

Cook more - with the above help I am hoping that I will be motivated to cook more. I am aiming for at least 4 times a week. Totally missed the boat on this one - i think this year I am going to have a more realistic goal of cook every Sunday and one week day. Definitely sticking to the Sunday and one day week - right now it

Travel locally more - this is going to be hard as I look at my travel schedule for the first 5 months. But I miss seeing the amazing Pacific NW area that I live in. Spent more time at the Oregon Coast, Eugene, but didn't do as much as I would have liked. We really need to work on this, but I want to go to the coast more this year.

A picture a Day - Take a picture a day, I might even set up another blog like Lisa. I don't even want to comment on this one. I have the pictures I just need to upload them to the site. Still want to continue this! Still haven't uploaded all the photos from 2008 or 2009... the plan for 2010 is 365 days of Jesse. The will be posted on
Adding for 2010...
  • Making sure to take care of myself
  • Finish uncompleted projects
  • Read more - especially some classics that I haven't read yet
Have a wonderful New Year celebration - c ya in 2010!


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