Thursday, March 10, 2011

Portlandia kind of week

Gearing up for a busy latter half of the week! Portlandia type of events - comibned with early morning [3AM PST] UK promo launches at work is going to be sporting at best.
First up, today is the Drive by Truckers concert. This is Kirk's band of the moment right now and we are going to make it an afternoon and evening event.They are doing a pre-show concert at Music Millenium and then their sold out concert is at the Wonder Ballroom.Which also means dinner at Russell Street BBQ!

 Friday evening is also includes music - Iris Dement @ the Aladdin Theater. If you have seen the movie True Grit you might recognize her song Leaning On the Everlasting Arms. Excited to go with friends and have dinner at Foster Burger

 Saturday is the 21st annuall Buckman Art Show with good friends and followed by an early dinner at Screen Door

 Then Sunday - after all the good eats and drinks [won't be earning any challenge points the next few days!] I will be running [but mostly walking] the 5K Shamrock Run! I am hoping that my new Shamrock socks will keep me motivated.
 The rainy weather, music scene, art scene and exercise you couldn't ask for more 'Portlandia' .... if you live in the area or visiting be sure to check out some of these places!


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