Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Single Girl Quilt | Craziness part 2

I am still working on this and haven't given up yet... everything is so new to me I am feeling encouraged to keep on going! I have learned so much - here are few tips:
  • Definitely invest in the rotating cutting mat - I bought mine at JoAnn's when they have their Olfa sale. I have been happy with the 12 inch size.
  • Small rotary cutter - 28mm
  • Clover white fine tip marking pen
  • Temporary basting glue - or any water soluable glue like elmers. You just need a needle point bottle. I bought this with plans to fill it with Elmers when it's empty. 
I have put together my pieces - by chain piecing...

You need to pay attention to this task and always have a good seam ripper...

Traced my background template onto the pink background fabric...

Cut the background pieces with a straight edge & rotary cutter and hand scissors for the curves...

Then instead of pinning the curves I glue basted them - HUGE time saver! you just need a tiny tiny tiny bit. I learned this at the last quilt guild meeting from Rachel. It doesn't take any time for it to dry since it's such a small amount and it doesn't gum up your machine. It also washes out when you wash the quilt.

 Sew and press...

 The gals that are hosting this support group have great tutorials:
Ready to join in yet??


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