Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sugar cookies make everything better

We have been knee deep in the care of Amos and his back. It has been an emotional roller coaster that I will definitely share once we are totally out of the woods. Right now he is resting and on his was to recovery. The next few weeks are crucial that we keep him still as to not re-injure his back...

So what do I do when I am stressed? Clean and bake. More of the first one than the latter - I had some success though with Pioneer Woman's Angel Sugar cookies. The recipe is in her book - if you don't have this, I recommend adding it to your collection!

The recipe is very simple and I love that you use the bottom of a glass with butter (of course) and sugar to flatten them down...

I actually wanted to eat them raw just like this! Maybe sprinkling a little more sugar on them...

By the time Kirk got home two of those stacks were gone. These are thin, crumbly melt in your mouth sugar cookies.


[image credits: DoxzenPetPhotos]


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