Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vintage Sheets | Sparkling Cider Quilt

A while back when I was surfing blogs I came across this blog In Color Order - I believe I found her through Flickr. You will be amazed at her talent for sewing and of course for thrifting. Her Pyrex collection is to die for and she has it all in her apartment!
As I followed her through blog posts, I was inspired by her to do a vintage sheet quilt. So dug through all my thrifted material and found I had some but not enough to do a quilt. Luckily she even sells fat quarters of her vintage sheets finds and is constantly updating it with new prints. After purchasing several FQs from her I finally had enough in my stash to do something - but what design???

I settled on the same one that she did [#3 above]- I decided that I wasn't ready for circles! The Sparkling Cider Quilt is by All Washed Up. It's definitely pushing my skills with the pointed stars but I am having a great time making it. You definitely will want to get the Large Flying Geese Ruler. The gals @ All Washed Up have them for sale so you can buy it with the pattern. The optional tool that has made life way easier cutting all the 'geese' parts out has been the rotating 12x12 cutting mat. I was able to get mine at Joann's at 50% off.

So far I have two blocks done and a pile of piecing to do...

and this kind of mess makes me happy:


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