Friday, April 22, 2011

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I am not sure if I can call myself an early adopter of technology - sometimes budget takes precedent over having the latest and greatest and color isn't as important as functionality. What I look for in technology is does it make my life easier/better - what value does it bring?

I am mostly an Apple gal with the exception of the work laptop and the Kindle [my first Kindle post]. While I had some reservations in the beginning now I am sold on the Kindle. I have the latest version that is smaller - Kindle 3G Besides my reference books [business and design reads] all of my reading is done on the Kindle. I have tried using the iPad for reading and just can't do the screen. I am on the computer all day and the reader technology that the Kindle uses doesn't tire my eyes after a long day. In fact I believe I can read faster and longer with it!

My main computer is an iMac and it is a workhorse! I use it for personal computing and for my photography business. For awhile I thought that I would need a G4 Tower for my photography but it is capable of doing the job and it's now five years old! I am planning on upgrading it this month to the new iMac. Along with my iMac I have a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet - this helps with all the digital editing I do and has really helped with my tendinitis. It was either that or try learning to use the mouse with my left hand. I wouldn't buy the wireless model [save some money] - mine is plugged in all the time through the USB port.

My PowerBook laptop has been replaced with the iPad. At first I didn't know how I was going to use it and now I can't live without it. When people ask me about the iPad, I always tell them that its great for consuming content - not creating content. I love having it in the kitchen for recipe viewing, while traveling I can keep up with my blogs, email and everything else. If you are new to the whole App world and iPads check out the app called AppStart for iPad in iTunes. I also love using Adobe Ideas for drawing and jotting down ideas when I am out and about. Both are free apps!

My cellphone is the iPhone 4. I am really happy with everything but the cell provider for the iPhone - AT&T has the worst service in my area. What I appreciate about my cellphone is it allows me to do things while still be connected to work, let's me obtain information so I can make decisions right away instead of waiting until I get home or back to the office, navigation and all the other apps that I use throughout the day - bring value and entertainment.
  • Daily Feather Report - dressing for your zip code!
  • Shazam - don't know the name of the song or artist?? tag it 
  • Chipotle - never have to wait in line again...
  • UrbanSpoon - shake to see where you are going to eat tonight

I use all of these tech tools at some time or another to publish this blog. Writing the blog is a whole different story! As you can tell, I write exactly like I talk - it's authentic. I know it's not the best grammar and I am the hero of run on sentences, but I am not going to employ an editor and lose the tone. I receive several emails from people that want to start a blog but feel that they can't write. I always tell them that by writing a blog your writing actually improves over time - practice, practice, practice.  I also tell them to read this book: Bird by Bird. Like one review said - it's not a how-to-book [it's funny] it's more of a book to get you through your fears of writing. If you are more of hands on learner then I highly recommend this online class by Decor8, I am an alumni from 2010 and found it to be invaluable.

So to encourage some of you to start blogging, today's giveaway is a great book by Tara Frey, Bloggin for Bliss and four issues of Artful Blogging! Just enough information to get you started...
Just leave a comment telling us if you have a blog [please add a link to your blog in the comment] and what inspired you to start blogging? A random winner will be announced on Saturday, April 23rd at 8:00AM


  1. So glad I read this post! I've been debating back & forth with myself about the iPad or Kindle for reading...I'd LOVE an iPad, but I think you're the end of the day it maybe the last thing my eyes want to see, just like my laptop.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I am a huge Apple product fan too...not so keen on the Ipad, but do love everything else we have. I'm not sure I could exist any longer without my Iphone 4 ;)

    I started blogging a few years ago as a way to keep family and friends back in England up to date with our lives here in Canada. It has since evolved into a daily journal of my life and I love being able to look back over the years and see how our lives have changed and developed. Especially from a married Mom of 5 to a single Mom of 4....and being able to read how I got through it - helps me see I can get through anything :)

    I also have a blog for my art work that I'm hoping to start selling on Etsy soon...


  3. Blogging is something I have been thinking about but sure sure about the time commitment.
    I have an iPad and love it and have even before I got one. I thought I would only use for reading but I use it for everything.
    Thanks for the chance to win these awesome books!

  4. Another Apple gal here and I love my Kindle.

    Yes I blog. I started when my son was born and we lived in CA and our family lived in the mid-west and south. I wanted a way to keep family and friends up to date. Over the years my blogging has evolved with new interests, more family updates and a wonderful network of friends.

  5. I would like to start blogging, but am a little intimidated. Would really like to learn more about it.

  6. Hi Erin! I really wish I didn't have to carry two or three things around when I travel. But as i get older I can only take so much of the computer screen. The other thing I find distracting is that I can do other things on the iPad - like email. So when I read on the Kindle that is all I am doing. Thanks for stopping by the blog!!! Hope all is well -

  7. Jane! Thanks for stopping by the blog! OMG - ok where do I start?? I just visited both your blogs...the canvas of the three gals, gorgeous! I fiddle around with something similar but on MDF. and then your personal blog - okay your sons hair is AWESOME. LOVE it. And those bunny shakers at Easter - I wish you lived closer to me. :) I have definitely booked marked your blogs, thank you!

  8. Kim I think you would be great at blogging! What a great way to capture all those experiences with Ash... I can see it now, title of the blog: 40 something @ a rock concert. :) LOL!

  9. Jill isn't it great how things evolve over time??!! love your blog-so jealous of your commitment to running. REally need to get back to it!

  10. Hi Cherylane - thanks for stopping by the blog! Blogging for so many of us has become a online journal of sorts so it's never too late to start doing it! :)


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