Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I am, a Porkchop

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Yup, when I received a text from my best friend describing us both as 'porkchops' there wasn't anything I could do except laugh. I am a porkchop! btw - those are the kind of friends that you want. No sugar coating.

I am getting ready to get back on the wagon, back on track and the road to healthy - shed some serious pounds! After finishing Commit 2 Fit 2011 I am always charged up to keep on going, the challenge always gives me the push I need to get organized and start planning for more.

Right now I am probably at my heaviest - EVER. With the help of correct dressing and spanx I was able to disguise it for a while. Now there isn't enough spanx that I can wear comfortably to live the lie. LOL! With Commit 2 Fit I was able to get rid of some bad habits, but now I have to take the good habits I picked up and amplify them. I want to lose inches, % of body fat, and pounds. Once I get through step one [below] I will blog post my goal numbers. Not sure I am brave enough to post bathing suit photos... if I do, will you? :)

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Step One - go back to Weight Watchers. I need those meetings, the journaling, and to watch my portions. They worked in the past. And how inspiring is Jennifer Hudson?? I will still continue to supplement with Advocare products and work them into my points. My first meeting back is going to be tonight so I will report my weigh in - I may try some other meeting times closer to where I live. Anyone in the Vancouver area attend meetings? If so, which one? I might check out Monday evenings too...
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Step Two - get moving. I have been trying to run and trying...but I am a fair weather runner - which means with the weather we have been having I don't get out much. Running is hard enough as it is - add down pours with hail, definitely not going. I really don't like the gym [germs] and right now I don't want to spend the money on a trainer. Solution... P90X. A couple of years ago I borrowed my sisters set [shhh] just to see what it was like. I actually liked it! We really didn't have a place to do the workouts without moving a bunch of furniture around each time I wanted to work out. Now, I have moved some things around and will possibly have a set up in the garage. I just ordered my own set yesterday so I have a few days to figure it out. Do you do P90X? If you do I would love to know!

Step Three - physical exam and run some level test with my doctor. At 42 things are changing and I want to make sure that I am supplementing correctly.

Let me know if you want to join me - let's encourage each other! OR if you are already way ahead - we need your encouragement - 
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  1. That's an awfully cute pig, I must say! I'm also trying to lose a few...if you ever need a walking partner, let me know!


  2. I am in the same boat. I feel like I need a quick 2/3 day cleanse to get me back to eating right. Ideas? Or your going to tell me to do the herbal cleanse again ;-)
    I feel like it does not real get rid of stuff?

  3. I will take you up on that marcia - whenever the weather gets better would love to do one of the Portland walks before guild.

  4. Jenifer lol! I know how you feel - what I have been doing the last few days leading up to my first weigh in was to cut out fried foods. You probably don't eat much fried but if you do - you will notice a huge difference. Then start cutting out the processed sugar. Do that for a week...

  5. Good for you going back. I started back again (for the umpteenth time) about 5 weeks ago. It's coming off very slowly but it is coming off. Interested in what you think of that P90X. For me right now it's treadmill and recumbant bike as we still don't have great weather.

  6. You know what the say Gail - the hardest part is just going back to the meetings! It's definitely changed, I think I am going to like this even better having 29 points a day. I think you will like the p90X because they change it up each day - I have done it before I loved it, just didn't have a dedicated space for it. Not that you need much room but I was too lazy to move furniture each time.

  7. The reason I love your blog is that you always seem to put into print what I am thinking. I just got done doing an internet search for WW meetings. I need to get back on track and I need the accountability of a meeting to do it. I, too, am a fair weather runner. Living in Wisconsin, means that I don't get outside to run much! I have the Insanity series but it seems to really kick this 40 year old girl's butt! I am enjoying yoga and I need to recommit to getting to the Y for swimming and body pump. Thanks for adding some fuel to my spark!

  8. Hi Nicky! Good to hear from you -
    So I am loving the eTools for WW. It is so easy to track and find food on my iPhone app.


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