Monday, April 11, 2011


[front door photo from Pacific Mutual Door]

You know when you move into a new house and there is the excitement of designing, colors, furniture, etc. Then you start packing and loading truck loads of your junk, your back hurts, and you swear you are never moving again ... well that is exactly what I have been feeling like when I decided to take on a whole new personal blog. WHEW!

There are two very important people that I need to THANK! They of course added to the excitement part of moving [not the swearing].

First my designer - Ironwood Design Studio. Rachel was so gracious and very easy to work with. I highly recommend them. Be sure to check out the other work they have done - amazing! I am also a little jealous that she lives on one of my favorite places: MAUI. Thank you Rachel!

Second is my long time friend Anna Robyn [or AR] - she rescued me from the heavy lifting. Moving from Typepad to Blogger is no easy task. There are a few short cuts that worked for 50% of the move. The rest of it was done manually - yes, each photo had to be deleted and re-saved. Expect some link breaks here and there, I am hoping to fix those as I time allows.

THANK YOU to you both!

Now it's time to Par-TEEEEE!!!! Mark your calendars for Monday, April 18th for some giveaway fun!!


  1. It looks great, I'm still working on my old links!

  2. WooHoo I can't wait!!!
    Love the site so far. Clean, crisp but with color. Your last blog was good to. I love the picture of you too.
    I miss your posts

    I saw the "eight week" e-mail the other day and wondered if I had missed the other in spam.

    Did you have others that asked about it? So needless to say I SUCKED :-(


  3. Thank you!!! STill trying to navigate through Blogger - it's good to be back.


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