Friday, May 27, 2011

Almost six

I am sure many of you can relate to this photoshoot experience...

I made the Ice Cream dress for her and I wanted her to model it - she thought this would be the best way to model it for you.
Here is a more 'still' but boring photo of the finished dress...
[Ice Cream dress by Oliver & S, Kona white solid, pattern fabric by Valorie Wells]
Happy Friday and for my US readers have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. way too cute! love the dress too.

  2. Yes, I can relate! :) Definitely not posed. LOL

    Love Oliver + S patterns...and seeing this pattern in action! Adorable dress (& model!)

  3. She was cracking me up - just one of those things where you don't fight it and just snap away! @Angi [at] MakingMayhem

  4. adorable little model there... love the dress pattern too! :)


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