Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clothes are ready | Where are you warmer weather?

A couple of weekends ago I went shopping. I was in need of the basics, bras [which is about as depressing as shopping for a swimsuit] but wanted to check out some other spring wardrobe necessities...

I have always loved the skinny Bermuda shorts, they look great with heels and tend to cover enough of the problem areas. The worst is when you see cellulite coming out the bottom of someones Daisy Dukes - not a good look!

The pants are from the Gap and couldn't find the exact ones that I found at the store, online - mine are not cropped, but they are white and coral. Cropped pants are not for everyone, actually not very many people can pull off the cropped pant. If you must wear a cropped pant make sure that the bottom is not hitting you at the widest part of your calf or if you have wide ankles, they will look even wider/larger.

I am also loving all the stripes in fashion today - but I can't wear stripes above the waist, unless I break it up with something. So when I saw this skirt at H&M, stripes, pockets and elastic waist band - sold!

The tunic is going to be fun with pants - the colors are super bright and I also love how the tunic is fitted, so it doesn't look like a maternity tunic on me.

Check back next week for my shoe finds - each one being under $100!

What are you loving lately for spring/summer fashion?


  1. I really love the longer shorts. My roommate and I were having a discussion about those last night. There are girls on campus that wear really short shorts and I said I didn't think it was appropriate for me to wear shorts since I teach, though I considered long shorts acceptable. Not to mention, they're so comfy! And skirts! I would say they're musts too, but I never know how to pair them with tops.

  2. Like you, we still don't have warm weather and I just can't think cropped pants and sandels until it warms up a bit. What I am really loving is all of the really bright colors and stripes too!

  3. I laughed when I read "...doesn't look like a maternity tunic on me..." I have that problem! I find a really cute, loose & shirred 'here' shirt in a lovely color and when I try it on...it looks like baby belly!

    I'm with Brandi on never knowing what top to wear with a skirt. I need someone to dress me! lol

  4. Long shorts are definitely acceptable! Especially when paired with a great top and cardigan with some heels!

    I struggled with tops for skirts. Finally [with the help of my stylist] I figured it out...I usually wear a structured top, eg.,fitted dress shirt. Not tucked in but finished with a belt. For a more casual but put together look a fitted shell with a cardigan. And because I need to have a waist I might belt the cardigan with a skinny belt.

    @Brandi {not your average ordinary}


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