Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Creative Space....


Working on several projects - one of them is the never ending [or it seems like it] task of washing, ironing, folding and finding space for new fabric. Here is a link to great video tutorials for folding your fabric for storage.
Finishing up my May do.Good.Stitches block - will save my 1/4" dilemma for it's own post. Yes, it was that bad. The block tutorial is on the Moda Bakeshop. I am loving this block too - another stash burner.
 These are my favorite thread scissors - I think I have shared them before, I really do love them.
How about a Pocket full of Posies? I joined a solids club at Pink Chalk Fabrics - solids is one of those things that I don't go out to buy unless it's white, gray or linen. I thought this would be a good way to build my stash with color! The perfect part of it is you can get it in the stack size you want; fat qtrs, 1/2 yard or yard cuts.
Keeping track of all of these solids was getting out of control. I have tried to order a swatch card from Robert Kaufman but have never heard a response. So I decided to take matters in my own hands.... I cut a small piece from each one and staple it to the card that comes with monthly club. You want to keep them in the order that they are listed. This helps because not all the solids are from the same company.

With my more frequently used solids I cut about a 3x3 piece and safety pin a tag to it with the name. Thanks to Cherri for this tip! And lord knows I have tags leftover from scrapbooking. Then all of this is kept on a chain that hangs by my sewing machine. Remember to cut a big enough piece so you have a good sample. If it's too small sometimes the colors are so close it would be hard to tell in you only had a tiny sqaure.

Be sure to check out the other creative spaces here... and play along!


  1. Love the Andy warhol quote!! Just got to keep creating no matter what others think!!! :)


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