Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Real Deal Photos | Weight Watchers

Yup this is me and that is not a baby bump. No spanx, no makeup and probably the worst mirror in the house....
Weighed in on 4/27 @ a whopping 141.2 then my first weigh in after a week on plan down 140.8. Not too excited about that - it's a loss and I will take it. I am really struggling during the weekend - with so many activities that include food, really, really good food. I am basically using all my 'weekly' points up in two days. Haven't started P90X yet, I really want to get in a good swing of WW before I introduce something new. I am not sure I can get in a photo each week - but I am certainly going to try! :)

I found a new smoothie recipe - it is much like the one I share here. Be sure to watch both videos. We tried the recipe out over the weekend and I really enjoyed it - Kirk didn't like the greens powder, he thought it tasted like grass. Go figure.

Here are some of the changes that I made to the recipe:
  • I use the Advocare protein powder - but I think that Trader Joes has the best priced Whey Protein powder. 
  • I also didn't use SunWarrior greens powder - I found one at Whole Foods called Amazing Grass Green SuperFood. Definitely buy this one direct from them. I bought the 30 serving size [from Whole Foods] for the same price they are selling the 100 serving canister. In the past I have also used Greens First - but I was looking for a good inexpensive alternative. 
  • I didn't put in the oil since I usually use Flax seed oil and I was already putting in actual flax seed. I am anxious to check out the hemp oil and give that a try. 
  • My favorite part is using almond milk [unsweetened] - love that stuff!
It was very filling and comes out to be 6 points on WW. Enjoy!


  1. I've actually been struggling a lot with my weight lately. I went on Weight Watchers after I graduated college (the first time) and had some real success with it. And I'm definitely going to have to try some of these things you've been doing!

  2. Hi, Paula! Thank you so much for the crafty goodie box! (I received it the other day.) I was so overwhelmed by your generosity. I'm participating in a Pay It Forward project soon and decided to share!

    And thank you for sharing your pictures, your health journey and where you get your ingredients...There is so much stuff out there that I love stopping by to see your reviews on what you've tried.

  3. Congrats on the loss. I can so relate to the weekends, think I use up all my points then too and then have to wait till Friday for more. :) Hang in there.


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