Wednesday, May 4, 2011

shhhh | spring might be here

[amos enjoying some time in the park]
I know all around the world we have been having some crazy weather! I am thankful for friends that let me come visit them in warmer climates [basically the desert] and thankful for the few days here and there of sunny skies. I just need to remember to cut back on my vitamin D when I stay outside all day! It's so nice to see so much GREEN - it was very much the theme when I downloaded the photos I took today...
[planter of mint - apple mint, orange mint and spearmint]
[mini herb garden with strawberries]
This nice weather afforded me some time in the backyard - cleaning, scrubbing, re-planting and planting new. Every year I plant a container full of mint for the dogs - Jesse is especially fond of it and it's low enough to be self serve. This year Kirk and I found some new varieties  of mint: Apple and Orange - they smell wonderful. Also this year I decided to plant some herbs - I am just keeping my fingers crossed that we are safe from frost now.
[can't believe this Pier 1 table has survived three winters]


  1. I won't tell you how fantastic the weather in Germany has been...that is until this week. Cloudy and cold now.

    My mom received the box of magazines and goodies....THANK YOU! I think she has decided to keep a few things for herself ;-)

  2. LOL! I am so glad that she received the box - I put extra in there for her! :)

  3. Love all the green and love your eye for capturing great shots.

  4. Love the warmth in your pictures...please send some our way! :)

    Aren't mints wonderful? They look and smell lovely...

  5. Thank you AnnaRobyn - I was finding that I needed to get back to composition in my photos. Slow down compose the shot...

  6. Thank you Angi - I am not sure we have any to spare!!! ;) we have all been waiting so long for this. LOVING the mints...
    Your box was delayed - kept adding more goodies to it, was dropped off at the Post Office today! :)


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