Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer shoes | Jessica and Franco

I will be the first to admit, when Jessica Simpson first came out with her shoe line a couple of years ago I was skeptical, and for good reason. Her first line was uncomfortable, cheap and just fugly. Fast forward a couple of years and you have a transformation - there are still some fugly ones but few and far between. Now on the question of comfort - these shoes are not bad and that is coming from someone who looks for style, comfort and then price.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson by petitepaula featuring jessica simpson wedges

I picked up a few pairs that were fun and the gray ones were more functional neutral for summer. I was a little worried about the across ankle strap on the gray one because those types of features can really cut off your legs. When you have short legs like me you can't have something making you look even shorter! But because of the neutral color and the height of the wedge it worked out.

Then I couldn't believe that I actually found a great looking lower wedge by Franco Sarto. I have always loved animal print so I knew those were a must. At first the bow could have been a deal breaker, but it blends in and doesn't scream out. The strapy sandals in saddle are going to be my go to neutral this summer and I passed on the red, but those looked good too.

Franco Sarto

Franco Sarto by petitepaula featuring leather shoes

I think I have some good updates to my already existing summer wardrobe. Now I just have to wait for the weather to change and make the closet switch. Check back next week as I ramble about trying to find a dress[es] for upcoming summer weddings...


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