Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Weddings | Pursuit of a dress

We have several weddings to go to this summer and fortunately they are with different groups of friends/family. Which means I can get away with only buying a couple of new dresses. But with weddings you cannot forget the rehearsal dinners, brunches, etc. So I am hoping with a few new pieces I will be able to put together enough outfits from my existing wardrobe...

Summer wedding are tough for me because I HATE my arms and this year in particular EVERYTHING is sleeveless or cap sleeve! Cap sleeve is the worst - hits at the fattest part of my arm, squeezing it like a sausage...not a good look. ugh. But have no fear - the cardi is here! ;) My only issue is if it's over 95 degrees the cardi is going to be hot, and I will be a sweaty mess before I dare take off the cardi.

But maybe, just maybe I will start doing the p90X and those push ups with tone my sausages up???


  1. Good luck. I'm like you no way do I want sleeveless. I hate buying things for a specific occasion, would much rather shop when I feel like it. :)

  2. Oh my this makes me happy. Happy to know I'm not alone in the "sausage" arm department. Gosh, I'm always struggling to find dresses or shirts that don't squeeze the crud out of my arm & cut off my circulation. Best of luck my dear <3


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