Monday, June 20, 2011


I think I may need an hourglass - had some time off and it takes me the same amount of time to get back in gear! I guess that means that the time off was well taken?! This past weekend was full of sewing classes and photo shoots - two things I really enjoy in my off time.

One item that had a deadline was this project for Father's Day - let's just say I missed that deadline to complete the entire quilt but I did get the top done!
[various green pattern fabric, Kona solids is Ash, Coal and Pepper | quilt pattern by The Sometimes Crafter]

You can buy the pattern here and Christina has done a wonderful job providing different sizes. I debating on whether or not to add a border to this top - it might be pieced or it might be solid. Still thinking about the quilting too, right now I am leaning more towards straight lines on the diagonal.

This is the same pattern that I am using this month for the do.Good Stitches group. I can't wait for all the blocks to come in so I can put that one together.

I also took a Wonky Star class at River Quilts in downtown Camas, WA. If you haven't had a chance to visit this adorable store, please make time. The owner Nancy is a sweetheart and she is building up her inventory and is bringing in some great fabrics. Kathy the instructor was wonderful and I found that I learned so much more than the Wonky Star class - she was giving me tips all along the way. This Wonky Star pattern is a really good stash buster, I can see many of these in my future!

[Kona solid white and various pink pattern fabrics left over from my Single Girl Quilt]
Then it was off to check out this bad boy - he is a boy, Meredith at Modern Domestic named him John. I think the name is going to stick. :) It was a little more serger than I wanted but it was the last classroom serger they were selling and at a very good price. If you are in the market for a new sewing machine or serger and are willing to get a used one - you might want to check out their classroom sale.

[Bernina 1150MDA from Modern Domestic]
It is intimidating ... so intimidating that I took two classes in one day: Basic 101 serging and Basic serged skirt. By the end of the day I definitely felt more comfortable on it and I am pretty excited about my purchase and the fact that I made a new yoga skirt for $16. I have plans this weekend to tackle a ruffle blouse for Amaya...


  1. Your quilt is just stunning!
    Beautiful color combination, wow!

  2. Wait till Kim sees that green one . . . watch out . . . she may nab that one off you. Great work Paula, you continue to amaze me. Kudos on your serger purchase too.

  3. Your quilting work is just beautiful, Paula! I've never really thought about making quilts myself but I'd love to make a few, maybe with special messages in them to pass down through future generations of my family.

  4. Thank you! Michelle - you are getting a sneak peek into what the Do Good Stitches quilt will look like! @CityHouseStudio

  5. Thanks Anna! Kirk is waiting patiently for me to finish quilting it. @AnnaRobyn

  6. Hey Brandi - you will get to see the little office in full force quilt production when you visit...I am really looking forward to my niece and nephew being able to pass these down.@Brandi {not your average ordinary}

  7. Love the quilt and that wonky star pattern is really neat. Congrats on your new purchase, bet it will be getting lots of use.


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