Friday, June 3, 2011

Work | Harder-better-faster-stronger

And it's not over yet. It's been some time since I have had to work weekends in the corporate world. But it seems that it is becoming the status quo as we continue to embrace the World Wide Web, where days of the week are just that - days. There is not denotations to weekends or nights. Customers [us - myself included] expectations grow higher and higher, their demands ever increasing, we want it NOW! In the words of Daft Punk: Harder, better, faster, stronger.

I sit here in front of three computers and wonder how long this will be sustainable for companies? At what point do we as consumers/customers just implode with our own demands? I think we should be ever so careful of what we ask for...

Right now I am dreaming of digging in the dirt - sitting in one of these bad ass machines and just digging...
[Dozer Days 2011 - Amaya]


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