Friday, July 22, 2011

Hourglass Quilt | do. Good Stitches

Was able to complete this before the weekend! This is a quilt for the PEACE group of do. Good Stitches and I am pretty excited about my first month being a Quilter.

[pattern by The Sometimes Crafter, various green pattern fabric and gray solids]
I love how everything comes together from all these amazing quilters from around the world in our PEACE group- it's like Christmas in your mailbox everyday as they arrive. I pieced the back together using extra blocks, Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 and Sweetwaters Grow text fabric.

The pattern is by the talented Christina - The Sometimes Crafter. Be sure to check out her blog for some amazing tutorials - in fact I followed her binding tutorial for this quilt. And it looks like she is getting ready to launch her new website...I had a sneak peek of the new patterns...giddy, just giddy to try them out!

[Kona Pepper for the border]

I was able to quilt this one at Quilting Simply here in town [360.771.0818]. After a two hour class you can rent time on their longarm quilter. It was so much fun and WAY easier than trying to roll up and shove through my machine at home. I also didn't realize that there were so many patterns that you can follow - I used a stippling one for this quilt. I will definitely be doing most of my quilting there.
[Sweetwater fabric]
 I will be making a drawstring bag for the quilt to go in - excited to send this off to My Very Own Blanket

Crack Pie | really

Last weekend on Pinterest I was seeing tons of pins for Momofuku Crack Pie. At first I scrolled by not stopping to check it out but the more and more it was re-pinned the more I succumbed to peer pressure and clicked through. I followed the recipe from this blog, Almost Bourdain [bummed it's not longer] and as I was mixing the ingredients I was thinking - 'wow this looks an awful like Pecan pie...'

I don't like Pecan pie, I know married to a southerner and all, but it makes my teeth hurt! You know when it's so sweet you feel like your teeth are all screaming at you??!!! Kirk LOVES Pecan Pie [pronounced Pea-Can] as he should.

Okay back to Crack pie... I was however totally sucked in by everyone's comments and reviews of the recipe. Quoting one person 'We ate the whole thing!' WOW it must be crack.

It's a little time consuming to make since the crust [the best part] is made of cookies that you make ahead of time and crush/process with butter to make a crust.

I went along following the directions - definitely do not over cook something like this, even if the filling looks a little to jiggly. Take it out when it tells you too. It's a gorgeous pie, golden and the most amazing top layer... but deep down inside - it's Pecan pie without the Pecans. At least to me. And even Kirk said it was WAY too sweet for him. So if you love Pecan pie or super sweet pie - you will love this and I highly recommend it.

My mother-in-law said that this recipe sounds a lot like Chess pie. But when I researched on the internet the Chess pie recipe looks different... may have to try her recipe. Have you made Chess pie?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quilt Block | Rectangle Squared

I have been working on blocks for the July - Do Good Stitches quilt and of course decided to make more for another quilt. This block was designed by Film on the Fridge - piecing it together has been pretty easy, putting the blocks together is a little more time consuming.

But I am loving the graphical simplicity of this design and the clean lines. I have chosen several solids including linen and my pattern fabrics are from Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow in cool stream color way.

Looking forward to seeing this come together!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birthday | Right now

I am in love...
[Kirk - maybe not the white legs...]      
Who is making me smile...
Who is making me laugh...
[little man]
who is always there...
[three fury goofballs]
I have the best kind of birthday month in progress with very little planning but lots of FUN! Also, if you can believe it, I will be purging the craft room and also some of my vintage/collage art supplies. We are getting ready to have a garage sale/vintage flea at the end of this month - Saturday, July 30th. If you are in the area or know someone that is let them know. More details to come!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Flew by with FUN

Team meetings at the Oregon coast
Two quilting classes @ River Quilts in Camas
Great meals at Little Bird
Chelsea Handler show
Mary Poppins with the niece
Lots of sewing