Friday, July 22, 2011

Crack Pie | really

Last weekend on Pinterest I was seeing tons of pins for Momofuku Crack Pie. At first I scrolled by not stopping to check it out but the more and more it was re-pinned the more I succumbed to peer pressure and clicked through. I followed the recipe from this blog, Almost Bourdain [bummed it's not longer] and as I was mixing the ingredients I was thinking - 'wow this looks an awful like Pecan pie...'

I don't like Pecan pie, I know married to a southerner and all, but it makes my teeth hurt! You know when it's so sweet you feel like your teeth are all screaming at you??!!! Kirk LOVES Pecan Pie [pronounced Pea-Can] as he should.

Okay back to Crack pie... I was however totally sucked in by everyone's comments and reviews of the recipe. Quoting one person 'We ate the whole thing!' WOW it must be crack.

It's a little time consuming to make since the crust [the best part] is made of cookies that you make ahead of time and crush/process with butter to make a crust.

I went along following the directions - definitely do not over cook something like this, even if the filling looks a little to jiggly. Take it out when it tells you too. It's a gorgeous pie, golden and the most amazing top layer... but deep down inside - it's Pecan pie without the Pecans. At least to me. And even Kirk said it was WAY too sweet for him. So if you love Pecan pie or super sweet pie - you will love this and I highly recommend it.

My mother-in-law said that this recipe sounds a lot like Chess pie. But when I researched on the internet the Chess pie recipe looks different... may have to try her recipe. Have you made Chess pie?


  1. This looks delicious, Paula, but I'm not one for super sweet pies like pecan either. My teeth hurt thinking about all that sweetness in one little pie too! And I've never heard of Chess pie. Maybe I need to brush up on my pie knowledge...

    Have a great weekend, darling!

  2. Thank you! yes, it's SWEET - when Kirk says it's too sweet then you know you have a problem... just not sure if mine was wrong or there are some people that have serious sweet tooths'


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