Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Clark County Fair 2011

I LOVE the fair. I have since as long as I can remember... this year my sister told me that she can't even remember going to the fair as a family - I looked at her shocked, really? But then I remembered later on that my earliest fair experiences was when I was younger, growing up with the Worlds Fair in my backyard. Unfortunately my sister missed out on that.

Then I have memories of my friends and I going to the Clark County Fair, riding C-tran before we had cars. What I don't remember was actually dressing up to go to the fair... we saw some outfits that could have been appropriate [maybe] for a nightclub - c'mon gals platforms at the fair?

Now it's about spending time with my sisters family, watching the energy that pours from my niece.

Gauging the sensory overload for my nephew and when/if he is going crash

 Loving that the sheep are always in fashion - even without their wool

Piggies know how to eat - actually just get in your bowl

Nighttime at the fair is the best time
[kirks legs glow at night]
Coming up short at the duck pond

Winning at balloons - because 'kids win a prize every time'

I LOVE the fair. How about you?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Starflower block | do. Good Stitches

Michelle from the PEACE group has chosen a gorgeous Starflower block for August. I was SUPER intimidated and was actually procrastinating making it. But I jumped in on Sunday and have loved every minute of it!

The tutorial for this block is by Ellison Lane Quilts. I followed her instructions to the tee - even the sewing with the scant 1/4" for the first time. I also went out and bought the 3.5" sq ruler for even more accuracy. I was pretty proud of myself for only having to use my seam ripper once...knock on wood...and squealed with JOY when all of my points came out!

The pattern fabrics are from a collection called Sweet Nothings by Zoe Pearn for Rily Blake Designs. I buy most of my fabric from Hawthorne Threads. Be sure to check out their inventory - they may have some left. The solid white is by Kona.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Drawstring bag | Hourglass quilt

I promise this is the last of the Hourglass quilt! But wanted to share the drawstring bag that I made before sending it out - this was my first drawstring bag and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it all came together following this tutorial by Sew Mama Sew.

[it even has a lining!]
It has been a wonderful project to work on and I am hosting again next month... have some ideas that involve words!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Annual Garage Sale | 8.13.2011

It's that time of the year - I can tell when I did the Craigslist post... garage sale heaven! So as to not feel left out we are having our annual garage sale that we vow to never have again. Yeah, right.

This year is a little different in we are also including some of the vintage find items that we sell online. If you live in the area this is an opportunity to check it out and get some good deals! ;)

[yes, that is a 1970s typewriter, vintage wallpaper, aprons, ephemera, crafting supplies]

Please stop by and say hi! We will be ready at 9AM [no early risers] and taking down at 2PM - check out the Craigslitst post for the address.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brandi & Lillian | New friends

I have met the most amazing people through the internet. Some of my closest friends were friendships formed over the internet. This store is not different...

I happened upon a great blog, Not Your Average Ordinary by Brandi. She is a young, gorgeous and intelligent blogger that is at this wonderful stage in her life. Her blog is full of great inspiration and I really just love her stories of discovery. She is one of those gals that you know is going to make things happen...So when she announced that she was going to be taking this amazing road trip from California to home [east coast] I let her know that she would have a place to stay, if she needed one. Our visit was short but having the opportunity to meet in person made up for it.

This brings me to Lillian of Unstitched. Be forewarned - another blog full of eye candy and experiences. Lillian is friends with Brandi - Brandi told Lillian about her stay at our house - Lillian contacted me about being featured in her Personal Museum posts. That is how friendships start! :)

You can go check out the post here. There are some never seen before photos featured - I guess I was waiting for the right moment and reason to get those shots taken and Lillian gave me the opportunity and the push I needed to get it done! I encourage all of you to go around your house and ask yourself those same questions and document it. It made me realize that our house is really our personal museum!Thank you Lillian!

Monday, August 1, 2011

July 2011 | Sunshine

Finally welcoming summer and spending more time outside enjoying the sunshine...

Spending time with the princess
Finding fun fabric on sale at IKEA
Preparing for the Evil Dead show
Quilt in progress
Happy Zombie fabric arrives
Enjoying downtown Camas
New Apples join the household
Blueberries in season [almost]
Discovering Aviation Gin
Jesse enjoying open windows