Friday, August 12, 2011

Annual Garage Sale | 8.13.2011

It's that time of the year - I can tell when I did the Craigslist post... garage sale heaven! So as to not feel left out we are having our annual garage sale that we vow to never have again. Yeah, right.

This year is a little different in we are also including some of the vintage find items that we sell online. If you live in the area this is an opportunity to check it out and get some good deals! ;)

[yes, that is a 1970s typewriter, vintage wallpaper, aprons, ephemera, crafting supplies]

Please stop by and say hi! We will be ready at 9AM [no early risers] and taking down at 2PM - check out the Craigslitst post for the address.


  1. Good luck! We've got more than enough to have one but John doesn't want to be bothered doing it again. :)

  2. Thanks Gail - I can totally relate with John. They are a ton of work! @Gail


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