Thursday, August 4, 2011

Brandi & Lillian | New friends

I have met the most amazing people through the internet. Some of my closest friends were friendships formed over the internet. This store is not different...

I happened upon a great blog, Not Your Average Ordinary by Brandi. She is a young, gorgeous and intelligent blogger that is at this wonderful stage in her life. Her blog is full of great inspiration and I really just love her stories of discovery. She is one of those gals that you know is going to make things happen...So when she announced that she was going to be taking this amazing road trip from California to home [east coast] I let her know that she would have a place to stay, if she needed one. Our visit was short but having the opportunity to meet in person made up for it.

This brings me to Lillian of Unstitched. Be forewarned - another blog full of eye candy and experiences. Lillian is friends with Brandi - Brandi told Lillian about her stay at our house - Lillian contacted me about being featured in her Personal Museum posts. That is how friendships start! :)

You can go check out the post here. There are some never seen before photos featured - I guess I was waiting for the right moment and reason to get those shots taken and Lillian gave me the opportunity and the push I needed to get it done! I encourage all of you to go around your house and ask yourself those same questions and document it. It made me realize that our house is really our personal museum!Thank you Lillian!


  1. Don't you just love making fun connections? The moment I walked into your home, I was blown away by how beautiful it was, but I don't think it was until I went into your bathroom and saw all of those hand held mirrors that I realized your home would be perfect for Lillian's personal museums post.

  2. I'm in love with your house!! It was so fun seeing the photos and reading about the how and why. I think I need to do a wall display like you have of your fur babies - it so captured their personalities.

  3. @StacyC Thank you Stacy! and yes, your furbabies need a FULL wall display...:)

  4. @Brandi {not your average ordinary}
    Youa re so sweet Brandi! Those mirrors definitely touch people in a certain way and like many they don't know why until I tell them.


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