Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Clark County Fair 2011

I LOVE the fair. I have since as long as I can remember... this year my sister told me that she can't even remember going to the fair as a family - I looked at her shocked, really? But then I remembered later on that my earliest fair experiences was when I was younger, growing up with the Worlds Fair in my backyard. Unfortunately my sister missed out on that.

Then I have memories of my friends and I going to the Clark County Fair, riding C-tran before we had cars. What I don't remember was actually dressing up to go to the fair... we saw some outfits that could have been appropriate [maybe] for a nightclub - c'mon gals platforms at the fair?

Now it's about spending time with my sisters family, watching the energy that pours from my niece.

Gauging the sensory overload for my nephew and when/if he is going crash

 Loving that the sheep are always in fashion - even without their wool

Piggies know how to eat - actually just get in your bowl

Nighttime at the fair is the best time
[kirks legs glow at night]
Coming up short at the duck pond

Winning at balloons - because 'kids win a prize every time'

I LOVE the fair. How about you?


  1. The only shoes I think are appropriate for a fair are sneakers or sandals -- essentially comfy walking shoes. And I do love a good fair, though I haven't seen one like this in some time. Really fantastic photos, Paula.

  2. @Brandi {not your average ordinary} Thank you Brandi - the fashion would have cracked you up...


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