Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby Boy Bento Box Quilt | Finished

I wanted to share the completed Bento Box quilt that I gave to my very good friends Jon and Daniel. They are new foster parents to a cute three year old boy! Many, many good wishes to them...
I really love the bright colors of this Urban Circus fabric by Laurie Wisbrun. Be sure to check out her blog and website - her designs are so much FUN!

The quilt back is light blue flannel and the binding is flannel. I can't remember who the green polka dot binding is by...

I am not very happy with the quilting - I did this one at home and it's what I call "mis mash boy quilting"

After I washed it - it wasn't so bad...



  1. Adorable!! Isn't it amazing what a wash can do for a quilt? Turned out fantastic :)

  2. Just to cute! Love the colors, the pattern and the quilting too. What an incredible gift.


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