Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Boy | Bento Box quilt

Some time was spent inside and outside the long holiday weekend - I was able to catch up on some projects and almost finish [binding needs to be sewn on] this baby boy quilt.

[yes, I made Kirk climb the jungle gym]

I followed a variety of patterns - but this type of quilt can be easily made once you decide on colors. One recommendation is not to use directional prints - Urban Circus is almost all directional but it didn't bother me too much.

This quilt is going to very good friend who has a boy coming very soon!


  1. Such a cute quilt! Love the bright colors. Some of my favorite baby gifts that I received were handmade quilts and cover ups. My kiddos still cuddle with some of them. What a perfect baby gift!

  2. @Angi [at] MakingMayhem Thank you Angi - I have been enjoying the shots of your work table!! Very inspiring!

  3. Hi, Paula! I love this quilt...great colors and the pattern looks pretty simple! Nice job. By the way, I love your Sept. star blocks, very pretty!

  4. Fantastic quilt, Paula! I love the bright boyish colors and the patterns go so well together.


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