Wednesday, November 2, 2011

December Daily | 2011

I must be on a roll - I just ordered my December Daily 2011 kit from Studio Calico...I have tried to do this in the past, but lost steam at various stages for one reason or another. Who is doing this??!!! How do you keep up? What are your plans?

Ali is always so inspiring - I am hoping that this year I can complete this album!


  1. Haven't done the December Daily yet but have done JYC twice and haven't finished it either time. :) We're away for a week during the month so I'm thinking I won't be doing either one this year. Good luck with it. Looking forward to seeing & hearing how you're doing with it.

  2. I have completed 3 December Daily albums and have my 4th one in the works. Last year was the first year I did not print my photos at home instead opting to order from Shutterfly after the project was over that way I had a bit more flexibility in sizes. The best advice I have for keeping up with the entire thing is to add the journaling every day. I totally copied Ali's idea for the cover this year....the paint with clear embossing is fantastic!

  3. @Shanon Great advice Shanon - and i am going to follow it since you have completed 3!!!!! So did you print your photos after the fact or once a week?

  4. @Gail I am with you Gail - I did JYC and never finished it. HOping I can keep up with this one...

  5. @Paula

    I printed them off at the end of the month. If we had been in the States I would have printed them weekly from Costco or whatever. I also used Ali's journalers from Designer Digitals last year and I loved them (she has them for this year to fit the Studio Calico kit)! It was a great way to add room for stories, ephemera and extra photos if I wanted.


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