Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Life 2012 | week one

I have to say - it doesn't get any more simple than this! Printing the photos at home was key for me - I just printed them all out [on Sunday] and whipped this together. I did print the smaller cards with the Paislee Press templates [mentioned here] earlier in the week. Other than that this took me about an hour total.

I ended up cutting a strip off the main title card because it just didn't look right with all the photos.

I am also opting to just write on the photos with my photo marker pen from American Crafts. To me this is way easier than running the photos through PS.

What thoughts did I try to capture this week? Really just the basics and the highlights. It will be interesting how weeks change with my thoughts. The photos I captured were a mix of iPhone and G12.

How was your first week of Project Life?


  1. Your pages look great. This is my first week and I really love how it all came together. I was afraid it wouldn't be enough (I have four kids) but the size is perfect. My G12 is getting a workout, too :)

  2. @Lee Currie thanks Lee - off to post on your blog about the G12... are you loving it??

  3. Love your simple take on this, looks like it's going to be an awesome year!


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