Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Life | Week Two

I was pleasantly surprised that week two came together as easily as it did. It was a stressful week at work and I wasn't sure how the whole documentation was going to come together.

What was interesting was what I chose to capture - mostly all the positive things that happened during the week.

Through the entire week I just snap photos with my iPhone or G12 [LOVE this little camera] and I really don't look at them until Sunday. There were no photos of late night work or early morning conference calls - who wants to remember that?

This week I definitely had something to say - way more than a little card could support. So I added a 6x12 insert, printed out my Instagram photos 3x3 and placed them on cardstock. Dug into my stash and found some book binding tape and a doily, typed 'reflections' on it.

The back side has my journaling and a great Rules of the Creators Life that Amy Tangerine posted on her blog. Perfect for a Sunday morning.

So far I am loving this project - I love that I can snap photos with no pressure other than to have fun and the pleasant surprises at the end of the week. It kind of reminds me of when we used film!

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  1. This project is so you . . . love what you've done so far. I'm experiencing the same insight you are regarding photos, but monthly rather than weekly and I'm perfectly ok with that. Loved seeing the Paris tea wrapper in there, reminds me that a cup right now would be very nice on this cold night.


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