Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pinterest | Addiction

My Pinterest boards | paulamwessells
Pinterest, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

This is the one place that allows me to organize ALL the things I find on the web. I have tried Evernote - for me it was too much, not quick enough. I tried the old fashioned way of book marking and putting the book marks in folders...out of control and could never find the link I book marked. Pinterest however has given me the freedom to 'pin', make a note and categorize. LOVE. So much so I would pay to use it!

It's the one place that I can digitally dump inspiration - in the old days [LOL] remember how we would tear out magazines pages? I still do this but with Pinterest loose pages around my office are few and far between since pinning. 

There are a couple of hot topics out there on Pinterest. I have been sitting on the sidelines reading blogs, listening to friends and figuring out where I stand on - copyrights, who pinned it first, and total time suck.

As a photographer the copyright issue is always a priority - I am not for someone pinning a photograph and calling it their own. Most likely though, before they pinned it they put it on their website as their own work, posted it to Facebook and used it in marketing materials. A much LARGER problem than just pinning. The best advice that I have been given by my attorney: Watermark. You need to watermark physically - meaning you put your stamp on the photo. I also save my copyright information to the metadata in Lightroom.

There are several watermarking tutorials out there. My favorite is by this incredible card designer Kristina Werner. She does two video tutorials in Photoshop Elements and Photoshop. Even though these are older versions of the software it will be easy enough to figure out with your version.

Do I do it all the time? No, maybe more like 90% of the time [shame on me] on my pet photography. I am lazy. I even have an action set up in PS to do it for me. I haven't watermarked on this personal blog - maybe I will... what I am trying to get at is if you are concerned about copyright [and you should be] then take the necessary steps to protect yourself. But don't exclude yourself from a viable tool to build your brand.

Which leads me to my next hat:

As a marketing strategist - Pinterest for some products and brands is a must. And when I say brands I also mean personal brands. Early on there were many discussions around protecting your blog from being pinned - yet bloggers wanted exposure, more traffic, building a readership... well guess what? you can't do those things if you are not allowing people to put your brand out there to be found. I am over simplifying here but Pinterest can be used as a great platform for exposure.

How do you know if you are being pinned? Enter this web address:
For example, mine would be:

In the next few months I will be adding the pin buttons on both of my blogs. I am interested in meeting new cyber friends and making it easy for people to share my work - especially if they like it! I will take it as a compliment, protect myself as best as I can and hope for the good in people.

'Who pinned it first?' Always try to give credit to the person that pinned it before you. When you copy the HTML code off of Pinterest it will do it for you! Sebastien Millon is my new favorite illustrator - this work below always brought a laugh in cube land.

The time suck part of Pinterest is initially pretty bad and so overwhelming. My tips for Pinterest are first start focusing on categories. Second be picky about who you are following - they need to add value. This is not a social thing for me. Just because I don't follow you on Pinterest doesn't mean that I don't value you as a friend. I follow you because you have a focused interest in something that I want more inspiration from. I follow less than 100 people - they usually focus on one category. For example Blair Eadie, she is a fashion extraordinaire and 99% of her pins are fashion. Caroline DeCesare is an outstanding decorator and curator... you get my gist.

Check out my boards on Pinterest here. Do you pin?


  1. I love pinning, at times it is very difficult to stop and move on to something else, one thing leads to another and then another....

  2. Oh yes, I Pin, but I have to limit myself . . . it does get addicting. I've tried Evernote as well and was disappointed. I didn't find it as user friendly as I do Pinterest. My biggest fear with Pinterest is will the link still be good when I go back to something I pinned.


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