Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our Lady of Lourdes | Auction Quilt 2013

This is this years quilt for my niece's class at Our Lady of Lourdes. While not as intricate as last years - I think this one definitely has more of the kids work. They hand dyed all of their fabrics! As I was working with it all I wanted was yardage of it.

I quilted this one in a freehand scallop and it washed up so nice and crinkly. There was also enough hand dyed fabric for the binding.

The only fabric that wasn't hand dyed was the fabric on the back... With some of the extra scraps I made an extra block for the back - sunrise over water.

The auction is this Saturday the 9th - if you would like a chance at winning this quilt you can still place a bid by proxy. Just contact Kristina Wuest via email at

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