Monday, April 8, 2013

Entryway Repaint | Jamaican Aqua

It was time to make some changes in the Entryway, I had been wanting to repaint for a couple of years. As I posted before I went with Jamaican Aqua by Benjamin Moore and I am loving it now!

Then it was time to swap some furniture around and really try to open up this space. The red half table has been in the TV room and now has a perfect place in the entryway. 

The next task was to purge some of the books and hide them in magazine files [IKEA Kassett] giving it a more clean look. 

Here is a view from the entryway to my office - doors closed because it's a disaster area!

Still to do in this area...
  • Rug - hopefully coming this week
  • art work decisions

1 comment:

  1. Paula, this is simply stunning! What a warm and soft color too, just makes me think of the beach for some beautiful!


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