Twilight Movie Tour

This page is dedicated to all the Twilight fans out there! I am fortunate enough to live very close to the areas that they filmed the first movie. Several scenes are around Oregon and Washington.

While I wouldn't consider myself a die hard fan... meaning I haven't stood in line for any of the movies and I have only seen each one a couple of times. I have, however read all the books and enjoyed them. To all my die hard bookie friends... no, I don't consider Stephenie Meyer a literary genius or rank her up there with Harper Lee or Jane Austen. But I do appreciate the pure entertainment of it and the fact that it has sparked a reading frenzy among young girls, even their mothers. Wouldn't this be an even better world if more people read?

I do enjoy the community it has built and the MANY friendships that this page has brought into my life. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me ( and hopefully I can help you out.

So here it is... [updated 3/11/2010]
In August 2009 my friend Anna and I were able to visit 23 of them! We had this book [click on the word 'book' to be taken to their site] but only as a guide. Some of the directions are off and it needs to be updated with details. I recommend buying it, because it has the addresses - I highly recommend a GPS system.

Here are the places that we were able to go, along with some pictures and notes.

Our first stop, The Cullen House (3333 NW Quimby, Portland, OR) - this is an amazing architecture to see! I had no idea that the neighborhood even existed. Park at the bottom of the driveway and walk up to take pictures.

Madison High School, Portland, OR - This is the school where they shot the classroom, cafeteria, and hallway scenes. We were able to go inside because school was not in session - it was summer. We did check in at the front office for permission and at the time it was not a problem. Remember if you want in - tell them exactly why you are there and be kind! You don't want to ruin it for everyone else.

Cape Horn, WA - This is on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge on HWY 14. This landscape was used a lot throughout the movie. Probably most memorable was the background when Edward and Bella were in the trees. I believe the background was CGd.

Then we drove East on HWY 14 to the Bridge of the Gods and cross over to the Oregon side. This was the bridge that Bella and her dad drove over when she first arrived in 'Forks'. We had lunch in Cascade Locks at Eastwind - they have amazing soft serve ice cream! This photo was taken from the Best Western Cascade Locks parking lot. A much better vantage point than the one mentioned in the book and you won't have sun glaring into your camera.

Next stop was Multnomah Falls, OR on Hwy 84, we were headed back West. They used these falls in the background of the vampire baseball scene.

Oxbow Park, Gresham, OR - The famous "Say it out loud" scene. This is a fee park so when you check in tell them that you are there for the Twilight movie scene. The ranger will give you a map and tell you exactly where to drive - it's in the Ancient Forest area . It's on the left hand side, close to the road and at them time it was marked with ribbon.

The end of day one was perfectly planned with having dinner at The Viewpoint Inn in Corbett, OR. I had no idea that this boutique hotel was in Corbett! It is gorgeous and plan to go back again. They even offer a Twilight menu for 'Twilighters' featuring Bella ravioli. The Twilight prom was shot at this venue. You can even help support the View Point Inn by purchasing a custom brick. See photos below.[Update: I was just up there 3/3/2010 and I didn't see the Twilight menu]

Vernonia, OR - This is where the 'police station' is and the entering 'Forks' scene. The credit union employees (police station) are very nice and will even let you come in and take a picture of Bella's dads desk. They also have a great t-shirt that they are selling and the proceeds go to the local school district.
Ecola State Park, Oregon Coast (by Canon Beach) - This was where the surfing scene was shot and was supposed to be La Push, WA. 

Kalama School, Kalama, WA - This is where the parking lot, outside hallways, and where Bella and Edward go off into the woods were shot. At this school there were several other fans taking pictures. We met a grandmother/grand-daughter from Montana, family from Florida and a grandma/mom/daughter group all the way from Australia! They came specifically to see the places and were doing the book and movie tour. The young daughter had seen the movie at least 100 times and the grandmother was not far behind.

Swan House, St. Helens, OR - you can drive right up to the house and take pictures. I felt sorry for the occupants because I am sure they need to keep their blinds shut on the front side of the house ALL the time!

Thunderbird and Whale Book store which is an attorney's office in St Helens, OR. This can get confusing on the GPS - it will lead you to a parking lot and you think that the yellow house is the book store... it's not. This little house is way off to the left (you might see the back and side) and depending on the time of year you go it might be hidden with trees. This is also the place of the back alley night scene.

Dress shop in St Helens, OR which used to be a hair salon.

This is the restaurant where Bella and Edward had dinner. This is located down the street from the hair salon in St Helen's, OR.

The highlight of day three was having lunch at the Carver Cafe in Carver, OR. This is where Bella and her dad had lunch.

Stonecliff Inn, Carver, OR - where most of the 'coming out' scenes were shot. "You believe a lie", "Lion and the Lamb", and where Edward shows himself in the sunlight. The property has everything mapped out for Twilighters and it is easily accessible.

Our next to last stop was at Clackamas Community College to see the greenhouses from the field trip scene

Then we made our last stop the Oregon City Dam -where the scenes of the working getting killed were shot. You will want to go onto the Oregon City side - where there is a viewpoint. This is a heavy traffic area during rush hour times.

[UPDATED 3/11/2010] Vampire Baseball! Yes, I have now been to the 'baseball' field...because of the nature of the location of the field - it is on private land - contact me if you want more information on it.